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Zoom Webinars

Most of the Meetings content in this site apply to Webinars e.g. a retention of 15 days for recording please see Recording a Zoom meeting.

The Zoom@CERN service has a limited number of webinar licenses that can be assigned to users who need them.

The webinar format gives organisers a stronger control over what the audience can do, so it limits the risk of a disruption by some participants, but the drawback is that the management of the event becomes more cumbersome as the hosts need to enable each user to talk when they need. Also participants cannot see other participants. Only a limited number of use cases fit the webinar format: mostly public presentations involving people who may not be well acquainted with videoconference rules.

Zoom webinars provide features for audience interaction as polling or QA. A good alternative to webinars in case no interaction is required is a Webcast (it can be requested from your Indico event). Please check more information about webinars on the Zoom dedicated pages

The limited webinar licenses are currently assigned by the service managers manually, so please open a ticket with if you need to use webinars.

Please notice that webinar licenses follow a utilization pattern, and nowadays if you dont use your license for the last 5 months it will be removed. Please check OTG0066696. Using a Webinar license means to run a Webinar, other type of operations e.g. modifying metadata or creating a webinar are not counted towards utilization.

Last update: May 29, 2024